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How quickly can you build my house?
Typically, the entire building process takes approximately four to five months to complete, but it can vary depending on the size and complexity of your home, the availability of materials or labour, as well as the efficiency of obtaining permits, etc.
What if there is a delay in finishing my house?

Van Huizen Homes strives to meet all closing dates. However, in the event that there is a delay, VH Homes will guarantee proper arrangements are made until you can transition into your new home (see the Tarion Warranty Corporation website for more information regarding a delay in closing—www.tarion.com).

Is VH Homes able to build on a property that I own?
If your property is within a reasonable geographical distance, VH Homes would be happy to build on a lot that you own.
Am I allowed to design my own house?
VH Homes prides itself in being a building company that meets the needs of each client specifically. We believe in building a home, not just erecting a house, so we’ll be there in every way to help you design a home that is uniquely yours.
May I make changes to a Van Huizen Home-designed house plan?
Yes. VH Homes has professional, qualified staff skilled in producing house plans. We can make modifications to one of our house plans, or we can combine a number of features from several of the plans you see to create a design that suits all of your needs.
Will there be any differences between what I see on my drawings and what I’ll end up with?
Because drawings are simply an artistic representation of your home, you may see subtle differences. Your house will go through several changes throughout the building process, but keep in mind that it is the final product that will represent your house.
Will I be allowed to choose my own style of cabinets, fixtures, colours, etc. for the house?
Yes. We have a professional design consultant on staff who will walk you through this process and provide you with any advice you need to choose these materials from our wide range of suppliers.
May I supply my own fixtures or materials?
Although you are allowed to supply your own materials, VH Homes does not recommend it. Besides getting great contractor rates with our suppliers, VH Homes is also educated in knowing which products will work in the best interest of your specific home. We do not want you to waste time and money on a product that may not last or even fit properly within the dimensions of your house. However, if you still choose to purchase some of your own materials, you must first get prior approval from VH Homes.
Do I get a refund if I eliminate features that are included in the home?
Although refunds are not given, we can make an adjustment to the final purchase price upon signing a contract. For example, if the house price includes hardwood flooring but you would like to have carpeting instead, we will decrease the final house price accordingly. Keep in mind, however, that if changes are made after the contract is signed, a “change order” fee will be incurred.
Will you finish the basement?
We are able to finish your basement at an additional cost. If you are interested in having us complete your basement, talk to us directly and we will give you an estimate based on your floor plan.
Does the house come with appliances?
Your finished home does not come with appliances. However, all houses include a water line to the fridge, a rough-in for a dishwasher, a power source for an over-the-range microwave, and a dryer vent. For more information on what’s all included in a Van Huizen Home-built house, check out the sheet.
How much landscaping will you do on my house?
As a standard, we grade your lot (to be ready for seed) and place concrete slabs from the garage to the front entrance. Additional landscaping is available, but at an incurred cost. Ask us for an estimate.
Are there “other” costs of buying a Van Huizen home that I may not be aware of?

As much as possible, VH Homes tries to make you aware of all costs at the time you sign the contract. Often, the only other costs incurred may be if you decide to upgrade or make modifications to your original plan after the contract is signed.

How long is my home under warranty and what is covered under the warranty?

The Tarion Warranty Corporation facilitates the warranty between the homeowner and the builder. For information on what is covered under the warranty, visit the Tarion website at www.tarion.com.

May I visit the construction site to watch the progress of my home?

Watching your house progress is one of the more exciting parts of the home building journey. Please call us to discuss the best times to walk around the work site and take a tour of your house in progress. [Note: For safety measures, we ask that you never enter the construction zone unassisted.]