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The 3 “Ls” to Buying Appliances

Written By Van Huizen Homes

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More often than not, when you buy a new home, you need to buy new appliances as well. And with the kitchen being the “hub” of the home—and…

More often than not, when you buy a new home, you need to buy new appliances as well. And with the kitchen being the “hub” of the home—and open-concept kitchens being quite trendy—it’s key to choose appliances that are both handy as well as handsome. So before you hand over a big chunk of money on those appliances, take some time to consider the three “Ls”:


First of all, consider your preferences. What colours do you like? Do you prefer stainless steel, the clean look of white or black, or even a panel to make your fridge look like a cabinet? Do you love the convection trait on ovens? The water and ice dispenser on your fridge? Will what you choose match with the other furniture in the room? Do your research: talk to friends, shop around, take time to reflect. These are all things you can do to figure out what you like and don’t like about certain appliances.


Secondly, consider where in the room you would like to put your appliances. For example, microwaves can be hung above your stove, but they can also be stored in lower cabinets in the island. Cooktops—whether gas or propane—require lots of space, so perhaps you might prefer a wall-oven. Taking into consideration how much space you have in your room—as well as how you’d like to function within a room—is important to figure out before you make a large appliance purchase.

     3. LONG-TERM

Lastly, think long-term. Do you plan on doing a lot of entertaining? Then perhaps you’d like to install a bar fridge. Will you be having kids soon? Maybe it’s a good idea to purchase a super-quiet dishwasher. Keep in mind your future plans, because it’ll save you both money and aggravation in the long run.

And don’t forget: nothing seems to last in this day and age. So don’t forget to purchase those extended warranties that are offered, no matter what appliances you purchase.

Our Advice

If you are from the Quinte area, we advise you to head over to The Brick and ask to speak to our VH Homes representative: Bob McIvor. Bob carries all the major appliance brands, will match or beat any other quote you’ve been offered, hold your appliances before you move, and will deliver anywhere in Ontario. It really is the best deal in town.

Happy appliance shopping!

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